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Iron tile & Asbestos Roof Restorations

Make your old roof look magic for a fraction of a roof replacement cost. Restorations of each type of roofing material has its own different process and products from start to finish. When restoring a roof with Adelaide Roof Wizard you can choose from a range of colours to suit your taste and receive a 10 year warranty on the product and workmanship. Below is a summary of each restoration process and what you can expect to receive. Please note that major repairs may incur additional costs to the pricing.


A faded colorbond roof not only decreases the value of your house, it absorbs a large amount of heat and looks unpleasant.

We will restore and change the colour of your iron roof for a fraction of the replacement cost. You will give your property a fresh, new, and modern appearance in only a few days.

Our restoration process involves:

  1. All loose fixings re-fastened.
  2. High pressure clean, removing all dirt, mould, grime and old paint.
  3. Inspection for leaks and basic repairs.
  4. Rust treatment to stop the growth of any current rust and prevent any further corrosion. 
  5. Priming with a metal etching primer for correct adhesion of heat reflective coatings.
  6. Two coats of Astec energy star heat reflective paint, creating a water tight seal and a new look roof.


When a tiled roof has been neglected over time it starts to deteriorate and may cause unwanted leaking. When water enters a house via the roof, it causes damage to ceilings, electricals, walls and carpet. It is best to prevent this from happening rather than fixing it when it does.

Our restoration process involves:  

  1. High pressure clean ensuring the tiles are completely free of contaminants.
  2. Ridge capping is removed and re-bedded if required and pointed with a modern flexible compound.
  3. Broken tiles are replaced and damaged flashings are repaired.
  4. The entire roof is treated for residual mould spores with a mould killer and preventer.
  5. The entire roof is sealed with a substrate conditioner.
  6. The entire roof is sprayed with two coats of Energy Star heat reflective elastic membrane.


Asbestos roofs do not always need to be replaced. What many people don't realise about asbestos is that in its normal undisturbed, undamaged state, an asbestos roof is completely safe. It can be treated and sealed with our specially formulated products and heat reflective coatings applied. Our roof restoration specialist, has knowledge and extensive experience in repairing and removing damaged asbestos.

Our restoration process involves:

  1. Safe removal of all mould and debris.
  2. Treatment with an anti fungal, mould retardant that kills and prevents mould.
  3. Fixings re-refastened and treated with a rust preventative product.
  4. Treatment with a substrate penetrating sealer / binder.
  5. Fibre re-enforced fixings sealer to further prevent water entry.
  6. Two coats of highly durable, elastomeric heat reflective top coats.